Getting started

Right, I have arrived on this very interesting website… now what?

Well first of all – Welcome! Happy to have you here!

You have a couple of options. You can click on any trip to have a closer look, or click the ‘Make your own’ button to… well… make your own map!

We know your life is complicated enough, so we like to keep it simple.

I have been so many places! Can I make more than one map?

Absolutely! That is what it’s all about! You will just need to sign up for an account and then click ‘make a new trip’ and you are on your way!

Do I have to sign up to use OdysseyAtlas?

Nope. Anyone can make a trip map on OdysseyAtlas without signing up – you can even come back to it later! If you want to see it from another computer (or share it with friends) you can keep a copy of your unique URL.

Do I have to sign up for an account to make multiple maps?

Yep, it is the only way we can group your maps together. But don’t stress – your information is safe with us.

I made a trip without logging in, but I already have an account – can I add it to my existing profile?

No problem, you will be prompted to add the trip when you next log into your account.

Can I comment on a trip?

Eventually we will implement this feature, but it will take us a little while to get it just right. To suggest other features you would like to see on the site please email teamodysseyatlas@gmail.com.

Makin’ trips

Umm, where is the save button?

Please – save buttons are so 2013! We save everything as you go so you don’t lose your work by accident. When you draw a line you will see your points change from black to white; which means they are now saved.

When you are adding text you will notice a little save icon that periodically pops up in the corner to let you know that magic is happening – the outline of the text box will flash your theme colour as it saves as well.

I don’t get the image uploader thingy – can you explain it more?

Sure thing. To upload images you have to go through a few steps. Firstly, click the ‘Upload button’ which appears when you are on the ‘Images’ tab. Next, press the ‘Add files’ button, select your photos, click ‘start upload’ and you are on your way!

When the upload finishes your images in little white circles at the bottom of your map. Only you can see them at this stage. To add them to your map it is a simple drag and drop. You will know they are successfully added when the image border changes to your theme colour.

Put them in the wrong spot? Just drag them where you want them to be (just make sure you are on the Image tab at the time!)

Want to add a caption? Click the image and write it in the box on the left. If you leave this box blank then only your image will display.

Can I delete images?

Yep – click on the image whilst in edit mode and click the ‘delete’ button in the text box.

I don’t want my map anymore – can I delete it?

Yep. Go to the ‘Info’ tab on your edit bar, and click the ‘delete trip’ button at the bottom. But be careful – if you delete it we cannot bring it back.

Other stuff

I am definitely the most travelled and cultured individual on the planet. My trip should be on the homepage! So how do I arrange that?

We love to feature interesting trips and travellers on our homepage. If you think your trip is particularly epic we would love to see it – send us your trip URL to teamodysseyatlas@gmail.com.