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Mexico - Central and Yucatan

Mexico is a bit of an enigma - feared by its northern neighbours, a complete unknown to most Australians. We want to find out about Mexico for ourselves We are cruising in our converted 2004 Town and Country, Pickles

by anita

Mexico - Chiapas to the West Coast

What goes south must go north... or something like that? We are heading back to where we came from and Mexico was in the way. What a shame! (joking) :-) We are still on the road with Pickles, our trusty little car camper.

by anita


Belize - that little 'used to be British' country between Guatemala and Mexico. After 3 months speaking very poor spanish we are just excited to speak english for a bit! We are going to spend a couple of weeks on the islands, and getting our dive ticket, heading out to the Cayes, exploring the ruins and generally just having a brilliant time.

by anita


Next country on our epic roadtripping adventure - bring it on! Pickles hasn't skipped a beat so far, so we will be sticking with her for a while longer yet!

by anita

USA - southwest and grand circle

An amazing month exploring the best that the USA has to offer - and hitting more national parks then we knew existed!

by anita


We are on our way to the USA and are spending a couple of days 'in the middle' on the pretty island of Oahu. We have hired a car and are going to spend our time exploring the island from our base at a Waikiki beach hostel.

by anita

Roadtrip from Melbourne to Brisbane

Moving to Brisbane. We have four days and are camping on our way up. Trying to see as much as possible on the way.

by andrew

Central America

Recreation, self discovery, world discovery. Planning to travel overland the whole way with the local chicken buses. Packed camping gear, clothes for hot weather, the odd winter gear for the tops of the volcanoes and lots of bug spray and sunscreen! Am w

by dannithomas

Eastern Europe

Cultural and historical learning On buses.

by dannithomas