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10 Day in Egypt

A lightning-fast pitstop in this scorched desert landscape as we make our way from Malta to Thailand.

by anita

1st Trip..12th Feb.2010

Set out on my 1st around Australia trip

by anonymous

2001 Thailand Trip

First trip abroad. It's been years now, so I don't remember the full itinerary, but I know we stayed mainly in Bangkok, with side trips to Hau Hin, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya and Koh Samui.

by TylerHill75

2003 - Europe (Czech Republic, France & Spain)

First trip to Europe. First visiting a friend in Prague, then tooling around France with a pair of friends (Paris, Chamonix and Marseille), before ending up in Barcelona. The return trip features a midnight visit to Times Square, during a layover.

by TylerHill75

2003 - South America (Chile, Argentina and Uraguay)

Tons of flying during my first trip to South America. Flying from Seattle to Santiago (via DC and Sao Paulo). Then, with a friend (and 2 of her friends), overland to Mendoza. Then a flight to Buenos Aires. Ferry to Colonia del Sacramento and back. Another flight to Iguazu Falls. Then back the way I came, via a bunch of flights.

by TylerHill75

2005 - Alaska ferry

For our honeymoon, Sarah and I caught the Alaskan ferry out of Bellingham, and rode it North through Ketchikan, Sitka, Haines, Skagway and then Juneau.

by TylerHill75


by anonymous