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Paris 2017

Return to France after 17 years to explore more deeply. A week in Paris. Tour through wine country, Champagne, Bordeaux. Castle exploration around Clermont-Ferrand. Two race circuits, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

by nomadistan

Ecuador Northbound

After a couple of root canals landed us in Quito for longer than we planned, we took as many opportunities as possible to explore all the treasures of Ecuador. Its an amazing place!

by anita

A Gran Colombia loop

Hitting the northernmost point of our journey, and heading back south to where we came from.

by anita

Ecuador and Galapagos

Southbound on the PanAm, along the pretty Ecuadorian coast and with a 10 day 'adventure-in-an-adventure' to the Galapagos

by anita

Peru Southbound

Making good time down the coast of Peru, enjoying the ruins of Chan Chan along the way. We stopped in at Paracas, Loved the Nazca lines, and had our biggest 'adventure' of the trip in Cotahuasi canyon (carrying 50L of fuel over a mountain!). Finally our fave city in Peru, Arequipa, to finish it off.

by anita