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A Gran Colombia loop

Hitting the northernmost point of our journey, and heading back south to where we came from.

by anita

A trip to Gozo

A holiday within a holiday, as we head off to Gozo for a couple of days during our 'early retirement' 2 month RnR in Malta, 2009.

by anita

A week in the Philippines

First test of OdysseyAtlas

by urbanpalin


A brief overview of a weekend in Aachen

by urbanpalin


42 days motorhome travel trip through Mexico with mexicamp motorhome vehicle. DISCOVER YOUR OWM MEXICO with

by mexicamp

Across The USA

To experience the wonders of the USA road trip and national parks Driving with others in a van staying in a combination of hotels, backpackers and tents.

by dannithomas

Adelaide 2016

by anonymous