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Across The USA

To experience the wonders of the USA road trip and national parks Driving with others in a van staying in a combination of hotels, backpackers and tents.

by dannithomas

Philippines beach adventure

I was very happy to know that Andrew was delighted by his surprise holiday to the Philippines. He guessed it before I told him where we were going, but I was proud that I got him as far as the departure lounge before he figured it out! Read the story at

by anita


Our celebration for completing university - 3 months in Nepal and India. We are starting in Kathmandu, joining a 3 week Intrepid active small-group tour of Nepal, and then crossing into India.

by anita

Europe in a Minivan

Our 6 week honeymoon wasn't nearly enough time, so we are taking a year off to drive around our favourite continent... Europe! We are buying a little van in Germany, using the Export plate system, and are beng as cheap as possible. We might have to forgo a few comforts - but the road ahead looks sweet! Post trip I made a site called to tell others how to do what we did. So get out there! :-)

by anita

East Coast USA

Wha...? How did we get here? 2 weeks ago we were living in an apartment in Perth and being good little taxpayers... now here we are on another continent, driving around with no fixed plans and no timeframes. In hindsight we probably should have planned this one a little better. Oh well... #YOLO!

by anita


We didn't feel like proper Perth-ites until we had taken a long weekend inn the country to the north. We didn't know if we would like it or not.... but it was awesome! From a luxury villa in Ubud, to cuddling monkeys (although I fear them!), strolling th

by anita

South East Asia

We were feeling the travel bug digging into our work-weary bones (well, it has been a whole six months since we have been anywhere!) so off we went for a 3 week easter break up, around and all over SE Asia. First stop, Laos; followed by a 10 day G Adventures tour from North to South Vietnam, and finally hot-footed it over to Cambodia for lots of temples and good times!

by anita