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2014/2015 trip to Lo de Marcos, Nayarit

A journey of 6,589 miles

by bevic

2015 MC ride

Day 1: Riding from the great Sonoran Desert to the tall pines of the Mazatzal Wilderness. Cooler temperatures and spectacular scenery. Then north through the pines to Flagstaff and a stop at the HD dealer to pick up a gift for my cuz. On the road again coming down from the 7000' awesome cool weather to the high desert of northern Arizona, the Navajo Reservation and picturesque Monument Valley on into Utah. Finally ending the day with a nice long hike at Arches National Park and camping in the city of Moab with a cold brew close by.

by ottoman37

2016 trip south

by anonymous


7 month trip 2017

by Betspet


by anonymous

9 Months


by anonymous

A Day off on a very busy work trip to Jakarta

10 days, two factories, and precious little time for myself. Spending 10 hours at the factory each day and working all night to answer all the email that I got during the day. Nothing like working two weeks in one. Luckily the restaurant at the hotel is top notch! I can sneak off for a good feed for 30min before getting back to it. There is even a french guy there! and he served me once! Fancy!

by andrew