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THe Indian Motorcycle Odysse 2018

Naggar is my Himalayan Base where I always spend a couple of months every autumn,doing sadhana and enjoy beautiful shanti village life in Naggar. Its altso my starting point for my annual trip through India to my house in Kery - North Goa where I normally spend the winter months with a group of friends from all over the world. The best way to travel in India (ac to me..) is on a Royal Enfield Motorcycle,and every year I buy a different 2.nd hand model from a friend that runs a bike-rental company a little up the Kullu valley,and then in the end of my season I sell it to another traveller in Goa for same or a bit more than I bought it for in the mountains,Its a good and cheap way to have a decent bike over the season and it saves me from dealing with storage and the after effects of the yearly monsoon in Goa..And i get a chance to test out the different R-E models properly...and yepp..for the cross india trip my absolute favorite is Thunderbird 500!

by Oso

2018 Road Trip

All the major cities/sites I visited in 2018, not including my day trips to various attractions

by saraphim

Central American Adventure 2016-2018

The main places I drove to and stayed at between 2016 and 2018, not including day trips to ruins and parks.

by hatchbackhero

Dili weekends

Livin' in Darwin, just 1 hour away. How could we say no?

by anita

South America

South American Adventures

by oceansdeepmountainshigh